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Many people suffer from unresolved pain which has resulted in no solution with the only option is to just deal with it every day. Suffering from pain could have possibly affected your relationships, excessive time off of work, irritation, and overall daily life. Maybe you are just unable to take any medication for pain due to allergic reactions.

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Shimosaka Healing Services

Dennis Shimosaka

Dennis Shimosaka is a Holistic Energy Healer and Tao Hands Practitioner. Learning various healing practices and techniques have inspired Dennis to touch the heart and souls of all people with these gifts. Touching the hearts and souls with a Holistic healing approach that brings Love, Peace and Harmony into their life. You can download the love song at

The outcome of transforming pain, injury, emotions, stress, anxiety, relationships, business, sports injury or other areas of your life may not initially always have a solution. Holistic energy healing and Tao Hands Healing are energy healings that tap into the core of the challenge through energy & transformation healings. No needles, medicines or hands on methods are used.

The concept of energy is all around us, including our bodies. However to see and touch it is not possible, yet it exists. You can experience this with the healing energy in your body, for example how it naturally heals itself with a cut and other natural functions of the body. The body tells us when to eat and when to sleep. It also tells us when we are in pain or ill.

Chinese medicine focuses on increasing the Qi energy, (the energy flow of the body) so it can release the challenge and help the body heal. Western practices work on pain directly with medicines, surgery, diets and exercise. Energy healing works in conjunction with all medical professionals as a supplement, not a substitute.

As the energy transformation focuses on the core of your being. It is a shift in energy within your body that assists in allowing the pain or area of blockage to heal from an energy level. Many clients have experienced tingling and warmth in the area of pain without needles or medicines.

Holistic healings and blessings are also available to your dogs & cats, which can assist intheir transformation of emotional and physical pain.

What Other's Say?

“It was a wonderful experience and life-changer. I felt the energy and the healing. Dennis is a great teacher, able to explain everything in great detail very personable and very knowledgeable and a wonderful healer .

Patricia Q.

Teresa B.

“I have had Fibromyalgia for over 35 years, with many additional pain and ailments including Hernia pain that never stopped. Bladder issues have continued over the last 5 plus years. I had epidural injections in my back to reduce my pain and it actual increased my pain and continued for over 2 weeks. After receiving blessings from Dennis the pain from the injections disappeared. Since seeing Dennis my pain levels have been reduced significantly including improving my Bladder. I never thought my pain would be reduced so significantly in a short time.


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  • Pain Reduction Without Drugs or Needles
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  • Improved sense of peace and clarity
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Disclaimer: We do not diagnose, physical, mental or emotional symptoms and/or conditions and do not guarantee results. We are not intended to be a substitue for any professional medical diagnosis , advice or treatment. Always seek the advise of a physician and medical professional for al! questions regards to your symptoms and/or conditions. Blessings and healings are not a guarantee for results.

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